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Olá queridos leitores!

Há alguns dias algumas pessoas perguntaram o por quê da divisão do livro em várias partes e qual a ordem correta de cada uma dessas partes, então decidi explicar como funciona.

A escolha em dividir o livro em outros livros menores foi feita levando-se em conta o público que adquiri o livro pelo amazon. Ao invés de um livro único com um preço maior foi pensado em livros menores com preços menores, dessa forma o leitor pode decidir comprar o próximo livro ou não.

Mesmo cada livro sendo dividido em partes menores é possível comprar a versão completa, ou seja, aquela que reúne as partes menores em uma só.

O primeiro livro, O Guardião do Rei, foi dividido da seguinte forma:

O Guardião do Rei - Livro Um Volume Um
O Guardião do Rei - Livro Dois volume Um

O segundo livro, A Floresta Perdida, segue o mesmo padrão:

A Floresta Perdida - Livro Um Volume Dois
A Floresta Perdida - Livro Dois Volume Dois
A Floresta Perdida - Livro Três Volume Dois ( em breve)

Com a divisão dos livros em versões menores o tempo entre o lançamento entre um e outro também é menor, o que permiti o leitor a acompanhar a evolução da história de forma mais rápida.

O intuito é deixar os livros mais acessíveis aos leitores e permitir uma experiência cada vez melhor.

Obrigado a todos que continuam mandando sugestões e tem acompanhado o trabalho.

Em breve teremos mais novidades.

Fiquem ligados!!!

Hello, dear readers. It is with great pleasure that I announce that the book, The Guardian of the King, is getting closer and closer to being released in English. To celebrate this new stage you can find the preview of the book just below. Good reading and I await you soon in the kingdom of Eldara.


Time passes, the eras fly and the history is forgotten. Lost in the infinite emptiness are the paths trodden by men and women, and only few know their deeds.
In the records of the peoples, there will be those who have done more, who were a mixture of myth and men, who marked the era in which they lived, leaving their seeds and accomplishes forever imprinted in the pattern of destiny.
Every myth has an origin that, incredible as it may seem, defines the existence of the man behind it and may be simple to tell such fact, or perhaps not.
We need to comprehend how forged is a man and how was the past that made him a legend, to find out how himself becomes a myth. In the tales told in Eldara many are myths and legends, fantasy mixed up with reality. We cannot confirm or even doubted, because they are part of what shape the people of this land.
Though, was in this land many times stained with blood and corruption that raised the long-lost hope, the hope of a better future, the hope that a legend arose to unleash the heavy knot that past misfortunes had created. Such a hope was in something simple, as should be the most important things in life, and this simple ‘something’ rode on a horse.
The horse was a sorrel that was galloping at full speed along the small trail that rose between trees and shrubs. A mature animal whose offspring came from an ancient lineage of warhorses, in their veins flowed the blood of mounts of the kings, princes, and war heroes. It had lived many adventures and survived many dangers. In it golden years he wore a glossy fur, had a glittered imposing eye that intimidated the most fearless of the knights.
However, life is like a river, where every sinuous curve reveals itself a true mystery; we do not know what will happen, the river can turn into a lake, it can flow into the sea or simply vanish. The horse ran without being able to predict what would come before him.
Above it heads, hovered a dark frightening cloud; thunder rumbled inside it and the wind was blowing hard, as if nature itself were furious with the world of men and ready to avenge all destruction they made.
Gradually the raindrops began to fall, the day turning night and the darkness start to rule. In beginning, a relief, a refreshing in a sweaty and fatigued loins, but then they were getting strong, relentless and converted to a dangerous storm. In this storm, the thunder was more frightening and the lightning bolts had the power to light up the whole forest, every minute more terrible and frightening, it seemed that soon the next would fall over his head.
With every thunder that swept through the heavens the horse ran further. Even from a lineage of ancient warhorses, its eyes, which once shone, now seemed to glow with fear, in truth he remembered a different past that had lived before it life were tangled with it rider’s life.
In it croup, a young boy shared its fear. He fled from his past in search of a new future, wore ordinary clothes, carried only a wrapping with a stolen blanket, some rags and his greatest treasure, a finely crafted cedar box, inside it, a rare jewel and a letter written on an old brown parchment - discolored by tears and by time.
That boy was less than the reflection of what had once been. His black hair, which before were smooth and silky, were now dirty and twisted, the rain wet his face covering it with dark marks of ash, and trickled through his body, blending with tears and sweat.
The young man's body trembled with cold and fear, the rain gave no relief, watering and freezing even the bravest of hearts. The horse and boy paths had crossed a few years ago, yet they seemed destined since the foundation of the world to meet each other, somehow their existence was entwined.
Embracing the muscular neck of the majestic sorrel horse, the boy sang an old song. Where many mature men were desperate to find shelter, he sang to dissipate his fears, as well as his equine companion. The song spoke of other times, far from even the oldest of its ancestors, an era in which myths and legends walked side by side with mere mortals, when people worshiped the nature as a goddess because of such exuberant beauty and power. A time when was not the man who ruled but dark and terrible forces that enforced humanity into a life of servitude and fear, at that time in the midst of darkness came a hero who saved everyone, brought peace and happiness to the world, the typical story of the struggle between good and evil.
Despite this, the boy's fear was greater than his courage; despair came to dominate his young heart.
The torrential rain made the earth increasingly wet and slippery, with broken branches and fallen trees along the way. The trail was barely ill for one person, so that the horse needed to use their ability to run, always having to deviate from the obstacles that appeared.
In the middle of the enclosed forest, the darkness was almost absolute, only when a lightning bolt shone something could be seen - revealing twisted trees covered by a dark layer of moss and that they lurked along the way clinging to the first unaware who dared pass through its territory.
In the brief moments of illumination, watchful eyes of an evil glow seemed peering through the bushes and leaves, waiting for the right moment to attack, bloodthirsty and ready to bring pain and suffering to their prey.
As if the fear of darkness were not enough, there was an even greater danger in the pursuit of the young boy and his horse, a mortal danger, a danger that not feared rain or darkness, a danger that would not rest until reach its goal. The worst of the evils sent by a distant kingdom, a man known as Black Hunter.
The boy was aware that he was being pursued by such danger. He knew that this hunter was cruel, had felt in his skin the suffering he could cause in a person. That sinister figure resembled an emissary of death, which haunted all humans. It was a race of life and death, between a cat and a mouse. Luckily, he was mounting on an animal of rare intelligence, even though it did not understand the wickedness of the world, it knew that something needed to be avoid, pursued him.
It was then that, after a winding curve down the trail, the horse stopped raising up their ears and jumped through a mass of shrubs, wildflowers and vines, avoiding ditches and rocks, running wildly through the woods.
The boy could barely see in front of him with his eyes narrowed for the falling rain. However, gradually he saw a light penetrating the shield formed by the trees, pushing away the shadows and revealing the landscape, yet it was all murky and scary.
Even with so many trees and obstacles the horse would not stop, it would actually run even faster, blowing a thick mist through its nostrils. Its ears were now slightly lower and his neck protruded forward like an arrow toward the target. The noise of their hooves was muffled by rain and lightning. Nothing was heard except the cry of nature
Clinging firmly to the mount's neck, the boy was able to see what appeared to be the exit of the forest, an escape from the constricting embrace of the parched branches of the trees - finally the end of the trail.
It was like a dream, when it is possible to fly through the air next to the birds, wandering through untouchable lands and pirouetting and diving like a swallow in the summer, that the forest abruptly ended, marked by a steep rocky cliff, cut by a violent river well below, which ran with winding lines.
The other side was several meters away; the beginning of a high pasture without any sign of someone waiting.  Just like in the dream of the birds, the horse jumped with all the courage of an ancient steed of kings.
For the boy, everything in the world had decided to walk slowly, the raindrops fell very slow, the leaves danced lazily and the sound seemed to follow a calm and distant rhythm. From one side to the other a gorge as far as he could look, behind an evil forest and ahead the edge of a pasture that seemed to be miles away from the horse's hoof. He wrapped his thin arms tightly around the horse and waited closing his eyes.
The horse's front paw slipped on wet ground. Splashing through the mud the horse used all his strength to resist the slippery surface and landed on the ground, some clods of mud grass fell into the canyon revealing what would have been its fate. The horse did not hesitate and showed all the courage and skill, reaching the other side.
Standing on a lush pasture, the animal did not look back. It followed ahead, walking slower, and the boy on his back sat more relaxed, leaned over the horse, stroking it and kissing it on the neck. A smile of joy arose in that suffering face, for a brief moment, he had forgotten everything that had happened, and the long-hope reborn in him.
The horse whinnied in a sign of satisfaction and as a true champion in a test that the spectators were the trees, the rain was the match, the barrier was the gorge and the judge, the wind; the horse had received the highest of awards, a cheer of a friend.
If both the boy and the horse had looked back, they would have seen another secret prize they had won. On the edge of the forest cliff was a man riding a black horse, dressed in a black reinforced and stitched leather, armed with a deadly sword and with a piercing look covered by a hood towards the prey.
Fortunately, not all horses are heroes and not all men predestined, so the hunter only had an alternative, watch his prey escape through his fingers.     
            Now, free from the forest, both friends moved forward toward the goal that fate had determined for them. There was still hope.

Olá caros leitores!

O tempo passou e a trama do destino foi moldada criando novas histórias.

Depois dos eventos finais do livro O Guardião do Rei dez anos se passaram e agora nossos protagonistas estão diante de novas aventuras, com novos personagens em uma terra selvagem e exótica.

Acompanhem agora o Livro Um do Segundo Volume da série Contos de Eldara.

A Floresta Perdida.

Uma aventura cheia de mistério e emoção.

Você poderá encontrar o livro pelo site: A Floresta Perdida - Livro Um ou clicando na aba Livros nesse site.

Nos vemos em Eldara!

Com a palavra Espada o inimigo da criação partiu para cima de seus irmãos e de muitos deles ceifou a vida.

Os pobres seres celestiais não sabiam o que estava acontecendo, apenas compreendiam que a palavra Espada os machucava.

Várias criaturas de beleza rara pereciam diante do poder destruidor do Maldito.

Ao chegar à Arvore Celestial o Maldito lançou labaredas de fogo infernal que consumiu milhares de folhas vistosas e cheia de poder.

Dessa vez, entretanto, Eltar estava preparado e surgiu diante da Arvore. Seu poder era tão grande que Maldito não pôde fazer nada.

Maldito foi ferido gravemente pois Eltar usou a palavra Espada contra ele mesmo.

Ao lado das cinzas carbonizadas de inúmeras folhas e galhos, Maldito fez uma promessa. Mesmo que seu corpo fosse destruído e toda sua essência fosse extirpada do universo ele prometeu aniquilar toda a criação de Eltar.

Dali em diante uma guerra sem fim começou.


Contos de Eldara - todos os direitos reservados

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 Atendendo a pedidos de alguns leitores, os livros dos Contos de Eldara estarão disponíveis para serem comprados pelo site, além das outras formas já existentes.

Para comprar basta ir na aba "Livros" e lá você verá a opção de compra pelo PagSeguro. Optamos por essa forma de pagamento pois ela garante segurança e transparência na hora de comprar.

Após seguir todo o procedimento, seu livro será enviado o mais rapidamente possível.

Caso você compre o livro e deseje uma dedicatória especial feita pelo autor nos envie uma mensagem na aba "Contato" aqui mesmo no site que passaremos para o autor.

Obrigado e boas compras!

Olá caros leitores!

Por ordem do secretário de finanças do Reino, o famoso fim de semana de compras parece que chegou também em Eldara!

Aproveite agora e compre O Guardião do Rei - Primeira e Segunda parte em promoção no Black Friday do

O Guardião do Rei - Primeira Parte

O Guardião do Rei - Segunda Parte

Olá amigos leitores!

Sabemos que o hábito da leitura no Brasil é algo que ainda está em crescimento, mesmo nosso país sendo o lar de grandes nomes da literatura mundial as pessoas ainda não adquiriram o hábito de ler. 

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